❤️ Ansó falls in love!… A village to discover the true essence of the Pyrenees 🏘


After a few curves, we will arrive at the beautiful town of Ansó, and only with a glance from the road makes us imagine the beauty of this Villa. For something it has been declared one of the most beautiful villages in Spain! It surprises all the stone houses and their height, since most are houses of 4 floors.

You must leave the car in the adapted parking below the town, since the entire Villa is pedestrian, although if you stay in one of its rural tourism houses, you can access the town with the car, unload suitcases for your convenience and return to the parking lot to leave the car.

Taking a walk through the village, makes you move to the past in a bucolic environment in the heights, where the only thing you hear are the birds fluttering and chirping, and a smell of… nature! that makes you find yourself in a state of incredible relaxation. Its streets are especially beautiful in spring summer, as all the streets are flooded with flowers and plants.

And it is that Ansó is one of the most popular villages in the entire Pyrenees , its history, nourished by relevant episodes, the beauty of its typical costume and the conservation of a good part of its traditions have made it a warehouse of the Pyrenean essences.

In recent centuries it has been a source of inspiration for painters, photographers, writers and anthropologists. Everyone seeks the beauty of their landscapes and the purity of their traditions.

Benito Pérez Galdós, who in 1894 was in Ansó looking for inspiration for his play “Los Condenados” said:

I have seen the most original and picturesque country you can imagine.

The Ansotano suit, its main hallmark, has an extraordinary anthropological value. On the last Sunday of August takes place the popular “Fiesta de la Exaltación del Traje Típico Ansotano”, a true manifestation of local pride for these exquisite masterpieces.



Ansó is immersed in the Parque de los Valles Occidentals, so you have many excursions and visits to do.

A very good option is to visit the Zuriza Valley to the Refugio de Linza, just over 20 minutes by car from Ansó, along a beautiful high mountain road, until you reach the Refuge, a beautiful environment, with cows grazing in the meadows and surrounded by high peaks.


If you go with children or elderly people arriving and enjoying the environment will be an unforgettable activity, but if you are one of those who need more, you can make trekking routes, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, cycling, etc. During the summer season it is very typical to find in the refuge with groups of mountaineers who are doing the well-known routes of “the path of camille” or “the route of the swallows“.

On the way down you can eat in one of its bordas, camping, or any establishment where you can taste some good crumbs and grilled meat! Full day without a doubt!

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Photo by Tripadvisor.com

Hecho and Siresa

The population of Hecho, is another wonderful town, get lost in its streets and enjoy its people, and of course! Visit Siresa and get to know its historic Monastery of San Pedro de Siresa, and finish the day before the return again in one of its bordas to finish with a very good taste in the mouth!

Siresa by Agloxy on Flickr

Nut Waters

As the most popular excursion is the one from Guarrinza to Aguas Tuertas, a quiet family walk to know one of the most beautiful corners of the Pyrenees, the valley of Aguas Tuertas. In addition to contemplating the grandeur of the landscape, we can enjoy along the way the presence of dolmens and megalithic remains that tell us about the remoteness of settlement in these lands.

Nutty waters
Dolmen de Aguas Tuertas de Prames

Gamueta Forest

Another highly recommended visit is the forest of fir and beech trees of Gamueta. Located at the head of the Ansó valley, we find one of the most important natural landscapes of all the Pyrenees. It is considered one of the most extensive in the mountain range, it is an authentic botanical jewel.

An almost virgin corner full of life that brings together the largest set of monumental trees in Aragon. Among these centenary trees are hidden birds of all colors and shapes, endemic plants and even the elusive and elusive brown bear, which has in these humid millenary forests one of its last refuges.

Haven’t you wanted to come and meet him? 🙂