🙌🌲 The Spectacular Route of the Hermitages of Tella, the town of Las Brujas. 👹

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Tella is located in the Escuaín sector of the Ordesa National Park, and only the access road is a spectacle not suitable for those who have vertigo 🙂

In Tella the star activities are the Route of the Hermitages of Tella (very easy and beautiful especially for the environment in which they are located, you will take some beautiful photos) and the other option is to visit in spring and summer the Cave of the Bear of Tella, (2 hours of adventure that start at the museum and a guide will take you to the cave and its impressive interior).

In addition , Tella is one of the favorite places for witches to celebrate their covens and spells. Today it houses a museum, located in the old Casa de la Maestra dedicated to the witch where various stories related to the habitual presence of witches in the population are collected, and there is even evidence of the Danza d’as Bruxas that is still danced in the town.

Tella Bear Cave

On the way back you can stop to take a picture of the Dolmen de Tella, you have it about 500m from the exit of the town.

Dolmen of Tella
Dolmen of Tella. Photograph by Fotos_Mariano_Villalba


Route of the Hermitages of Tella. By Santi Bravo

The route begins in the church of Tella and goes up a path to the forest area until you reach the first hermitage, the Hermitage of San Juan y Pablo. Located on a rocky ledge, the Puntón de las Brujas or Peña de San Juan. From here you have incredible views over the Escuaín Gorge, the Cínca valley and the great rocky mass of the Castillo Mayor. And it is here that the Witches celebrated their Covens.

Hermitage of San Juan y Pablo. Photograph by
Claudia Sc.

Following the route we will arrive at the second hermitage, the Hermitage of Fajanillas.

Hermitage of Fajanillas. Photograph by
Antonio Samper

And the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Peña from where we will enjoy impressive panoramic views of the valleys.

Hermitage of the Virgen de la Peña. Photograph by Kevin Padilla