4 bordas where to eat in the valleys of Ansó and Made 🏔️🌲 typical dishes of the high mountains 🥩🥗🔥

Today we have entered appetite and it has occurred to us to delight ourselves with traditional dishes, grilled meat, migas a la pastora, stews and products of the area, which is what distinguishes the Bordas de Huesca, especially in the valleys of Hecho and Ansó.

A borda is an isolated construction that was generally used to protect livestock or to store agricultural products, especially food for animals, today they have been transformed into magnificent restaurants with the incentive of the spectacular environment that we have around each board.


Before we go to enjoy our bordas, we have to make an appetite! 😜 The offer is spectacular in the area! Magical places such as Aguas Tuertas, the jungle of Oza or the monastery of Siresa, the church of San Pedro, the D’Acher Castle, the Mancho well on the Veral River, the ibones of L’Acherito or Estanés and the area of Zuriza (with the forest of Gamueta) or Linza are essential.

In addition to bars and restaurants, this area offers the alternative of bordas, food houses away from urban centers that offer typical cuisine of the area, with affordable prices and guaranteed quality.

We recommend you call and book, because if you arrive without a reservation you will have long waits or, directly, inability to get a table.

Borda Chiquín in Ansó

Carretera Zuriza Km 9, Anso, Province of Huesca, Aragon, Spain

Telephone: 974 37 02 40

Located between Ansó and the refuge of Linza, the beautiful road to Zuriza makes it an idyllic place to enjoy it in all seasons of the year.

Famous for their migas de pastor, their grilled meats , homemade curds and Roncal cheese with quince are also typical of the house, where ajoarriero, white beans and stews are also embroidered.

Borda Arracona in Ansó

Carretera Zuriza km7, Anso, Huesca, Aragon, Spain

Telephone: 974 37 02 32

On the same road of Zuriza that runs parallel to the Veral River, Arracona stands out for its meats; The steaks and ribs are made impeccably, but the grill offer is wider. The crumbs, the clubs and the roasts are also typical of this house, which opens daily all summer until the third week of September and then continues on weekends, holidays, Christmas time and Easter. It is a very popular stop among visitors to the area; among them, the base of Casademont Zaragoza and the Spanish basketball team Rodrigo San Miguel.

Borda Nadal in Ansó

Carretera Zuriza, km 2.5, 22728 Ansó, Huesca

Telephone: 974 37 02 11

Borda Nadal is the closest to Ansó on the Zuriza road, with a nice bridge over the Veral to access. It has a large terrace and green area next to the river.

The crumbs are favorites, they have their own organic garden, their grilled meats are delicious. You can also take hot sandwiches for hikers and lovers of mountain excursions.

Bisaltico Borda in Hecho

Ctra Gabardito, Km 2, 22720 Hecho, Huesca

Telephone: 974 37 53 88

Website: www.bordabisaltico.com

Located on the outskirts of Hecho, on the road to Gabardito, it has unparalleled facilities. It emphasizes its magnificent panoramic terrace, with the Forca rock as a witness. The finca de la borda has a hostel, apartments and camping, with picnic area and barbecues, as well as the grill and restaurant.

The ribeye with potatoes and peppers is excellent, as is the sirloin and homemade crumbs. They also make homemade curd.

What about you?, Which is your favorite and why?. Leave us your comments and tell us if you like this type of blog content to make you more gastronomic proposals.

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