4 Unique places to practice climbing in Huesca 🧗 ♀️

ESCALADA EN EL REINO DE LOS MALLOS. Fotografía de betomountainguide.com

Adrenaline rushes and unique sensations for this adventure sport. Climbing ensures contact with nature and physical activity; and Huesca is a point of reference. The province has several places to live magical experiences in adventure tourism. And not only in climbing, but also in the practice of via ferrata, in which there are greater security measures. Fifty perfectly prepared routes mix horizontal and vertical itineraries that will delight mountaineers.

A look up… and a vertical wall that challenges us. The Mallos de Riglos are the destination par excellence; but not the only one, because the Pyrenees wait to be conquered by climbers.


The small town of Rodellar is the gateway to a new dimension, a true paradise for fans of difficult sport climbing. Countless routes, panoramic views, ravines, nature in its purest form. It is not a place for beginners, but experts will enjoy a magical environment and a unique experience.

Roberto Atencia – Delfin – Sierra de Guara – Barranco de Mascún


CLIMBING IN RODELLAR. Photo by www.sportaragon.com


A unique area that falls in love with the eye as it appears on the horizon. The curious geological formations of the Mallos de Riglos offer the climber walls up to 300 meters high. It is the Kingdom of the Mallos, with starting point in the village of Riglos and the beginning of the ascent towards heaven.

CLIMBING IN THE KINGDOM OF THE MALLOS. Photo by betomountainguide.com


With the Natural Park of the Sierra and the Canyons of Guara as a backdrop, Vadiello becomes a party for lovers of climbing. The vagaries of nature grant elegant agglomerations of stone that challenge climbers to observe the natural environment from unsuspected altitudes.

Vadiello by Apel Onzi
CLIMBING IN VADIELLO. Photo by www.desnivel.com


The rocks carved by the insistence of the river Ésera star in the Congosto de Olvena, which turns this place into a world of possibilities for climbing. The classic, the technique, on vertical walls or on plates of more than 90 degrees. Different difficulties for varied tastes.


Climbing in Olvena. Photo by casteret.es


Climbing in Olvena. Photo by https://casteret.es