5 ways to visit Loarre Castle at Easter 🏰😍

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We have spoken many times about the Castle of Loarre and its Magic 🏰🌷! Now that the #SemanaSanta is coming, it is time to feel its strength again, and the feeling it transmits when we approach only the foot of its walls and admire its greatness. 👇👇

1 – Geocaching around Loarre Castle

An entertaining and original way to have fun! Find hidden treasures by following the clues… Geocaching! an activity with a multitude of followers worldwide and that have already spread throughout the province of Huesca. They say that if you practice them once, you are lost :), you will want more and more!

It is an activity aimed at all ages. It can be practiced alone or as a family, it is you who decides how to solve the challenge.

In the Castle of Loarre you can enjoy 2 geocaching, on the Geocaching platform itself and another very cool one in the Clandestine Pre-Pyrenees.


2 – Visit the Castle of Loarre on Horseback

Possibly, horseback riding is one of the most relaxing and fun activities we can do in an environment like the Castle of Loarre.

To ride on this type of horses, usually very tame, you do not need to know how to ride a horse, just relax and enjoy the scenery. We have great professionals who know the animals and will explain everything you need to know to enjoy your horseback ride.

All the info in http://hipicacastillodeloarre.es/

3 – Loarre Castle Photo Tour

Stroll through the castle, explore its corners, enjoy the magnificent Romanesque-Jaqués art with oriental nuances that overflows in the construction of its Church-donjon and distills in any of its capitals, savor the careful and monotonous uniformity of the Lombard walls, get excited contemplating the triptych of mullioned windows of its most exquisite tower, (from you to you, facing it from above the apse of the church of San Pedro), discovering a hidden stonemason’s inscription with the name of Sancivs, or with archaic epigraphy, difficult to read, provide endless concerns and pleasant moments for sensitive spirits.

From National Geographic

All the info in www.castillodeloarre.es

4 – Visit Loarre Castle à la Indiana Jones with a Treasure Map.

Great initiative from our colleagues. It consists of the arrival at the Interpretive Center of the Castle, collect the Treasure Map, where we will have a whole series of tests in the pure Indiana Jones style that we will have to solve and get the keyword that will open the hidden treasure (which will give us in the center if we solve it) 🙂

A great activity to learn history while playing with our children. It has a cost of € 2.5 per child and includes the map, pencil and treasure 🙂

All the info in www.castillodeloarre.es

5 – Guided Tour of the Castle of Loarre

The Guided Tours Service in the Castle of Loarre, is permanently available, but it is recommended that organized groups and more than 20 people, book their visit in advance, even if they are going to make the visit free or with their own guide.

The guided tour of the Castle of Loarre has a Approximate duration of 50 minutes, starting at the door of the outer wall and touring the monument through the main rooms: Cover, Staircase, crypt, Church of San Pedro, North Pavilion, Transition Rooms, Patio de Armas, Torre de la Reina y del Homenaje, etc.

The explanatory contents cover both the artistic aspects and their peculiarities within Romanesque art, as well as appreciations about the landscape or anecdotes of its history in the context of the origin of the Kingdom of Aragon.

The format of the visits is adapted to the specific characteristics of each group, whether schoolchildren, retirees or adults and are carried out in Spanish, French or English.

All the info in www.castillodeloarre.es

And you… Which one do you choose?