Outdoor plans! 👉 5 Cool excursions to do at Easter 😍🌲

Cascada de Arripas, ordesa de Susana Maldonado (https://www.flickr.com/photos/lady-susana/14461136141/)

Holy Week is here and it seems that we will have good weather to go hiking and enjoy plans abroad, which is the strength of our province 😉. Send us many photos and always take great care of our wonderful and magical environment!

1 – Circular Excursion to Arripas Waterfall, Cave Waterfall and Strait Waterfall

In this pleasant walk we can contemplate how the magic of water and vegetation are one of the wonders of the Ordesa National Park.

A circular excursion of 2.5 hours, which can be done with children.

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2 – Hermitages of Tella

Simple route next to the town of Tella in the heart of Sobrarbe that takes us through a circular route through the neighboring hermitages of recent restoration.

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Hermitages of Tella de www.excursionesporhuesca.es
Hermitages of Tella de www.excursionesporhuesca.es

3 – Miradores de Revilla

Simple excursion that takes us into the most unknown of the valleys that form the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park: The Puértolas Valley, also known as the Escuaín Valley or the Escuaín Gorges. At the end of your tour you will allow us to enjoy a privileged view of the valley and the source of the Yaga River that later flows through the gorges.

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Viewpoints of Revilla by Roger Mataró Reixach (https://www.flickr.com/photos/16910667@N08/)
Viewpoints of Revilla by Roger Mataró Reixach (https://www.flickr.com/photos/16910667@N08/)

4 – Spectacular excursion to El camino del cielo, in the mallos of Riglos

Legend has it that King Pedro I left the mallos of Riglos in inheritance to his wife Doña Berta, since this was the only landscape that could be compared with its beauty.

And it is that the mallos of Riglos, with its huge vertical walls that rise more than 300 m above the waters of the Galician River, on the natural limit between the Pyrenees and the Ebro valley, do not leave anyone indifferent. A landscape of impossible walls that take surprising forms in our imagination. Walking its paths, contemplating its endless cuts, observing the flight of the raptors that nest in its walls or being surprised by the advance of the steps that come from all over the world defies the limits in its more than 200 days, is an invitation to dream with your eyes open.

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5 -Simple but dizzying excursion to the historic Congosto de Entremón

High rock walls delimit the congosto del Entremón, a narrow river corridor of Old Sobrarbe that nineteenth-century travelers feared, but admired for its beauty.

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Views of the Congosto de Entremón de https://www.flickr.com/photos/riosyvalles-2/5905127468/

Send us your photos if you take any of them 🙂