Rafting, Canyoning and Kayaking from 6 years old 💦 Fun in the Water this Easter!

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With the arrival of spring, it is time to practice water sports in Alto Aragón!! Say hello to fun to one of the most popular practices in spring and summer! Rafting, canyoning and kayaking are the stars!

Never practice any of these sports without knowing the area and if you are beginners you ALWAYS have to have the help of an official guide , who knows the weather that awaits you, the obstacles you will face and who, in addition, teaches you the basic techniques. You will also need to wear good protective equipment with appropriate clothing, footwear, life jackets and helmet.


Perhaps the best known of all sports is rafting. Have you ever practiced it? It is done in a group and brings together several rowers in a pneumatic raft. The goal is to stay on the boat while navigating the rapids of a river. The important thing is that you choose an appropriate level and always wear a monitor that tells you what to do. There are several levels such as basic (ideal for beginners and families), intermediate level (on an intermediate stretch of river) and advanced level (for experienced and physically fit participants).


Another option is hydrospeed. This is done individually and a whitewater river descends in a sled-shaped boat, propelled with fins. It seems that the river absorbs those who practice it. It is more dangerous than rafting so those who choose this sport must have a minimum age of 13-14 years and a good physical complexion. Another descent is the one that can be done by river canoe, which can be either single or double. If you choose this modality you will have to face waves and rapids and try not to capsize the canoe.



Kayaking is another way to get up close and personal with the rivers and swamps of the province. You can opt for routes free of currents and rapids or launch into the adventure (as long as you have previous knowledge). The kayak is an individual canoe that moves driven by oars. To start the adventure you will have to have a minimum level of technique to know how to row. Its practice is recommended from the age of 8. You can start training with river canoes and then make the jump to kayaking.

There are very cool places like the Mediano reservoir or the Congosto del Mont-rebei!

Congosto de Mont-Rebei. Photograph by www.joanvendrell.com
Medium Swamp. Photograph by http://soyecoturista.com


The trend of recent years is showing that canyoning has ceased to be a sport of specialists, to become a magnificent activity of enjoyment of Nature within the reach of the whole family.

The descent of ravines or canyons, is the most demanded adventure activity in Huesca. The Sierra de Guara is considered the European Mecca of canyoning.

Canyoning. We are Canyoneers

Do you dare to practice one of the star sports in the province of Huesca?. Tell us your questions so we can help you!