Route through the most beautiful and impressive viewpoints of the Tena 😍🌲💦 Valley

The Tena Valley and its Alto Gállego region are a real jewel of nature, and the Viewpoints Route is the best way to discover all its secrets. Each of the 22 viewpoints will take you on a new adventure, where you can contemplate dreamlike landscapes and breathe fresh air.

The diversity of the routes, both on foot and by car, makes it an activity suitable for everyone. Don’t forget to bring your camera and binoculars to capture every moment!

We leave you our favorites, but here you can download the complete route and the map.

1/ EL SALTO VIEWPOINT (Sallent de Gállego)

Time: 30 min (one way)

Gradient: 80 m

From Sallent we head towards the sports center, where there is a track on the left that takes us to the viewpoint. It is a themed path, equipped with lecterns that explain the main species of trees and shrubs that we find on our way. The track soon splits and we have to take the one that ascends to become a trail. The path goes to another track that we follow to the left crossing two bridges. When it splits we continue to the left and then to the right at another last crossroads. Soon we enter the forest, continuing along the path until we reach the viewpoint.

El Salto de Waterfall

2 / VIEWPOINT OF SAN MAMÉS (Sallent de Gállego)

Time: 15 min (one way)

Elevation gain: 50 m

From the Fermín Arrudi de Sallent promenade we cross the Paco neighborhood to take the path that climbs a small hill, which rises above the town and the reservoir. It is an ideal environment to rest for a while and contemplate the full magnitude of the high Tensino valley: the Lanuza reservoir, the Pazino beech forest, the Tendenera mountain range and the towns of Lanuza and Sallent are the protagonists.

Several information points explain the customs, history and landscape.


Time: 1 h (circular)

Gradient: 160 m

From the parking lot of the spa of Panticosa, you ascend the GR 11 visiting the fountain and the temple of San Agustín, the source of the Herpes, the one of the Liver and the source of the Beauty. The tour continues to the Mirador del Pino, spectacular balcony overlooking the Caldarés River and the spa.

We cross the river by a bridge before reaching the colorful viewpoint of the Queen and go down the GR 11, next to several waterfalls, to the Spa.

Mirador del Pino Panticosa de


Time: 10 min (one way)

Elevation gain: 50 m

From the village we follow the signposted path PR-HU 106 and, at the end, a flat cattle path of about 100 m accesses the viewpoint (1,140 m altitude).

Its views include the Sierra de la Partacua, the mouth of the Caldarés River in the Gállego, peaks such as Cochata, El Pazino and Peña Foratata, and the towns of Piedrafita, Tramacastilla, Sandiniés and Escarrilla. It has a panoramic landscape interpretation table.

Photo by Wikilock


Time: 20 min (from the dolmen) / 1 h (from Biescas) (one way)

Elevation gain: 85 m

In the crta. A-136 is indicated the detour to the dolmen of Santa Elena. We leave the vehicle there and, after crossing the bridge over the Gállego, there is an indication of paths: to the right you reach the dolmen and on the left you go up to the fort, the hermitage and viewpoint (track signposted as PR-HU 78).

6 / MIRADOR DEL MURO. (Sickle of Jaca)

In the town of Hoz de Jaca, leaving 400 m towards the Pueyo de Jaca by the road that circles the Bubal reservoir, next to the start of the zip line “Valle de Tena”. Spectacular viewpoint that stands as a suspended balcony, protruding from the “wall” or vertical wall of 120 m that emerging from the Bubal reservoir reaches the level of Hoz de Jaca. Take a look out and fully enjoy the views of the valley in 360º, Impressive!.

Discover the Tena Valley from a unique perspective and live an experience that will leave you speechless. We are waiting for you to discover the secrets hidden in this beautiful valley!